Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Agenda

Calgunlaws has obtained the Mayors Against Illegal Guns “Blueprint For Federal Action on Illegal Guns” through a FOIA request to the White House.

Bloomberg’s group had previously refused to disclose the report.


This is particularly insidious because of the twisted language used…

From the pdf:

For many years, leaders of the gun lobby have urged law enforcement professionals to “enforce the laws on the books.”

This is true, but when we say “enforce the laws” we mean arrest and jail criminals who use guns in the commission of crimes not abuse the system by creating new anti-gun laws by using bureaucratic rule making as an end run around Congress because they won’t pass the anti-gun laws you want.

The coalition has identified 40 opportunities in six areas where the Administration could enhance enforcement of existing laws without Congressional action.

This is not about enforcing existing laws. This is about creating new ones, and banning guns.

No wonder Bloomberg didn’t want it made public.

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3 Responses to Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Agenda

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  2. Old NFO says:

    Say Uncle beat me to it. They don’t WANT to enforce the current laws, their entire goal is banning all guns.

  3. john b says:

    Isn’t there some way we could target and terminate all the gun grabbers.
    After all they’d do it for us!

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