Vicious Circle 33 – A Dorky New Year's Eve

Vicious Circle 33 – A Dorky New Year’s Eve

alan, aepilotjim, Jay, Stingray, LabRat, OldNFO, Farmgirl and Farmmom do the New Year’s Eve thing. Cameo appearance by Breda.

We recorded for six hours but I couldn’t bring myself to inflict that on you so I edited it down to a little over three hours. The Farmgirl/Labrat duet is intact.

There was much drinking. Be afraid.

It’s Vicious Circle #33.

Also available in the iTunes store (For Free! What a bargain!)

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4 Responses to Vicious Circle 33 – A Dorky New Year's Eve

  1. Tarb says:

    Editing? EDITING!? Dammit Alan, I WANT six hours of VC! You’ve offered me free icecream, but you’ve taken a big bite off the top first! The prospect of six hours of you guys drunkenly rambling would brighten up my workday considerably. Don’t you know there are VC junkies out there jonesing for their fix? Ah well, I guess I’ll grudgingly take what you’re offering. But next time I demand all the free icecream that I DESERVE.
    Seriously though, keep pumping ’em out, I appreciate the work you guys put into them. Thank you!

  2. Mad Saint Jack says:

    Wow Tarb! I’m glad I’m not the only one. More VC is always better.

  3. Wai says:

    Alan, you should have split the show in half and posted them as 33A and 33B.

    BTW, Fresca and Tequila is awesome. You can’t taste the tequila and it hits you like a ton of bricks. I named that drink “The Sneak Attack,” but there might already be a name for it.

  4. Cornfries Haddock says:

    Penetration Testing…

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