Which was yesterday's bigger fail?

The iPad or Obama’s State of Me speech?

On the one hand the anticipated Apple Tablet turned out to be nothing but a bigger iPod touch.

On the gripping hand, Obama was a lying tool.


Well, at least Apple can’t force you to buy and iPad.

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4 Responses to Which was yesterday's bigger fail?

  1. Joe Merchant says:

    Well, with one we didn’t really know what to expect until it was unveiled.

    The other one, we knew exactly what we would get.

    iPad > BO. At least Apple had a chance of getting it right.

  2. Old NFO says:

    I’m glad I missed it…

  3. Borepatch says:

    But you expect Obama to be a lying tool. You don’t expect Apple to be idiots at marketing.

  4. RobertM says:

    I’d rather have an iPad than an Obama. Besides, the iPad will likely see some improvement after getting a little public feedback…Obama, not so much.

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