Like I've been saying…


Who is going to win? Bet on Bezos. The mainstream publishers can hold on for a while, based on reputation and while e-readers aren’t widely available; there’s still some prestige to being published by a reputable publisher like MacMillan. But eventually, some publisher will realize that a book that would have sold for $29.95 in a physical edition can be sold for the cost of the royalty, plus a small markup for production and administration. Our $29.95 novel would sell instead for $3.95. When that happens, except for coffee table books and an occasional print-on-demand hard copy, the physical book is dead.

The dead tree book business is dead, it just hasn’t realized it yet.

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4 Responses to Like I've been saying…

  1. Ben says:

    I totally agree.I love the idea of a device like a Kindle but until the hardware drops to a least $99 or less and the books drop to below what I would pay for a paperback version I am not interested.

  2. I disagree, there will always be people, like myself who want paper books. Technology fails and breaks. I can read a book over and over and never worry about a software upgrade, a battery going dead, a cracked screen.

  3. Ben says:

    I do agree their will always be paper books but I think that the industry will change It will be more of a print on demand system and not a mass market printing system we have now, users will have a choice.Publishers will be irrelevant in the future it will be cheap and easy for authors to self publish and reap the profits for themselves.

  4. B Woodman says:

    I want my paper-bound books. As topofthechain wrote; never breaks, never wears out, always available. I lurvs my library.
    The only downside to dead-tree books is weight and space.

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