State's Rights Comeback?

Utah has joined Tennessee and Montana in passing a state’s rights bill.

The Utah Senate tentatively declared its independence from federal firearms laws Tuesday. Whether that defiance withstands a legal challenge remains to be seen.

Legislation sponsored by Sen. Margaret Dayton, R-Orem, would exempt firearms manufactured and sold within Utah from any federal regulations, including criminal-background checks and bans on certain types of weapons.

It is not a gun bill, Dayton said, but rather about states’ rights. Montana and Tennessee have enacted nearly identical laws and, she said, 20 other states are considering such legislation.

“This is not a bill about the status quo,” Dayton said. “It is a bill about challenging the status quo, and the states have a duty to enact legislation that challenges the courts when there has been legislation that infringes or hurts the rights of the citizen.”

It’s become obvious that the Federal Government is too big. Unfortunately some STATE governments (California) are just as bloated and useless. I’d be a lot more hopeful if I thought this was anything more than the states trying to reserve a bigger slice of the tax pie for themselves.

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  1. The Old Man says:

    Look on the bright side. Betcha the states will fight harder for a bigger slice of the tax pie than for your rights. Look on the rights preservation as a lagniappe…

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