OK, which idiot put the scientists in charge?

This is pretty scary stuff:

Imagine an America where your Unique Health Identifier (UHI) is required for every access to a nationally controlled healthcare system. Imagine an America, where you must give your UHI, via a scan of your surgically implanted biochip, to pick up your prescription at the pharmacy and even when you buy over the counter medications. The number could eventually be required to purchase alcohol and tobacco products, perhaps even to track quantities of bakery goods, chocolates, trans-fats, beef, and even birth control products — or anything else the nanny bureaucrats decide to monitor.

Sound farfetched? Like a plot from a conspiracy-theory movie? Like something from a sci-fi novel?

Think again.

The plans to make these very things a reality right here in America are being made in this administration, under the leadership of the president’s science guru, John Holdren.

For the past several months, I have been working with an appointed member of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), the sub-committee on health and technology. My contact on the health and technology sub-committee was privy to conversations, which when related to me, literally caused shivers down my spine.

Every single detail in my opening paragraphs of this article were actually discussed in this committee and seen as a good for the future of American society. Only a scientifically controlled populace, according to these gurus of population and health control, can survive. These scientists see their mission as one of absolute control over even the most private aspects of human life.

Come on people. You should know better to put eggheads in charge of anything.

Not since the aftermath of WWII — when the ends of the scientific-progressive state were revealed to the world in vivid pictures of the Nazi death camps — have progressives dared to raise their heads in America to such a degree as they are now, under the leadership of Obama’s science guru, John Holdren. Holdren, early in his career, declared himself a Malthusian scientist and has, regretfully, never recanted, nor substantially altered his worldview. In Holdren’s mind, as revealed in confirmation testimony, only his numbers have been off in the past, not his conclusions on the necessity of scientific control as a societal good.

These are the people that got beat up and stuffed in lockers in school and now they want revenge.

Do NOT go there.

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4 Responses to OK, which idiot put the scientists in charge?

  1. Old NFO says:

    Yep it IS getting weird out there…

  2. bluesun says:

    I always have a problem with articles like this. On the one hand, it seems like something like this would never be able to fly in the real world, and so the writer (in my mind) comes across as a fear mongering propagandist, despite the facts. On the other hand, I could totally see something like that happening, the way things are going. So at what point do you stop saying “it could never happen” and put on your crazy eyes, ready for a fight?

  3. steelghost says:

    anybody got a spare locker? I think its time Holden got reminded of his place.

  4. steelghost says:

    Crap spelling my spelling sucks that should be Holdren, the scientists, not Holden.

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