QOTD: How to get more airplanes!

I don’t think we’re on the verge of collapse, but I can predict that unless we turn away from empty political discourse, we are in for more airplanes — The Last Psychiatrist

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A complete turnover of Congress would be awesome, I’ll admit, but don’t think for a second that anything can change just because you change your representatives. The problem isn’t the government, the problem is you. It is always you.

As in, we have the government we want. If we wanted something else, we’d have it.

You can’t imagine how you, one guy, can be the problem– the government is much bigger than you, isn’t it? But there are millions of people exactly like you. One byproduct of modern narcissism’s reliance on finite media is that countless other people are modeling their lives on the same template you are. You think you are unique in your thoughts and identity, turns out you are a clone. You think you’re the only guy for whom X was transformative? The only guy with an iphone?

Oops. I have an iPhone.

Most of you are huddled around the same directors feeding you the same lines which you regurgitate with sufficient passion you think you came up with it. I’ll bet you’re sure that “tax and spend Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are running this country,” or that we need “renewable sources of energy that will also help create new jobs”– all of which might even be true except that the exact same contentless words are being thought by millions of other people who are all sure they know it. That doesn’t make you pause?

It would be awesome, awesome, if these sound bites were being fed to you with an intent to deceive- as part of a Hearstian conspiracy to make the cattle think one thing so the Elites could do another; in short, awesome if, after all, there was some organized effort leading to a clear goal, no matter how nefarious. But there isn’t. It’s a battle royal, every man and company and politician fighting to eat and not be eaten. Even families operate at cross purposes, kids trying to leave, parents holding on to nothing, everyone looking for a “moment to myself.” This isn’t a war of ideals, it’s cannibalism.

All I can say is thank goodness we are so inefficient. The thought of an efficient government with clear goals scares the crap out of me.

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2 Responses to QOTD: How to get more airplanes!

  1. Borepatch says:

    As in, we have the government we want. If we wanted something else, we’d have it.

    I have to call bull.

    We don’t want the Lobbyists, Rent-Seekers, and other hangers on. We don’t want the encumbering regulations telling us “No you can’t.” We don’t want Fed.Nanny turning us into children For Our Own Good.

    There sure are a lot of people who DO want that, but it’s a minority. However, it’s a minority who understands the power of financial bundlers during a political campaign.

    What we NEED is something that raises the cost to the Political Establishment of all the above. We could even give it a name – oh, I don’t know: how about “The Internet”?

    Sorry, you made me grumpy.

  2. alan says:

    I’m not convinced at all that the majority of the people want a smaller government.

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