NYT finally reporting on Climategate

Nice to see the New York Times wake up and smell the Climategate stench but you can tell their hearts aren’t in it.

The unauthorized release last fall of hundreds of e-mail messages from a major climate research center in England, and more recent revelations of a handful of errors in a supposedly authoritative United Nations report on climate change, have created what a number of top scientists say is a major breach of faith in their research. They say the uproar threatens to undermine decades of work and has badly damaged public trust in the scientific enterprise.

Yes, it was the “unauthorized release” and “recent revelations” that caused the problem, not the lying fuckwads, that damaged that public trust.

This is nice too:

“We need to acknowledge the errors and help turn attention from what’s happening in the blogosphere to what’s happening in the atmosphere.”

“If it wasn’t for you meddling kids, we’d have gotten away with it!

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