Kick open that door

Pelosi says Obamacare is just the beginning.

“Kick open that door, and there will be other legislation to follow,” she said. “We’ll take the country in a new direction.”

A “new direction”.

Where have we heard that rhetoric before?

Oh yes… Those bastions of civil rights:

The Soviet Union
Nazi Germany

When socialists start talking new directions, people start dying.

By the millions.

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One Response to Kick open that door

  1. TJP says:

    There’s far too much hysteria going on about passing Vaporcare. It couldn’t just be about adding a handful more illegal powers to the fe’ral gov’t. That happens every month and no one gets a stiffy about it.

    It has to be political.

    The conspiracy theory I’m nursing is this:

    A) Medicare insolvency is /much/ worse than we’re being led to believe. (Naturally, Authorized Journalists won’t be investigating.) The subsidized health care bubble is probably going to pop during Obama’s term if Congress doesn’t find a way to inflict a massive new tax, hence Vaporcare and the disproportionate hysteria to pass even a shell bill that can be filled later.

    B) The people currently inflating the bubble with new debt are reliable worshipers-of-state, born during the New Deal years or post-war. When the bubble pops, they will suddenly become acutely aware of their remaining income–as it will no longer be protected from huge medical costs by other people’s taxes–and the Blue Team will lose a huge, gullible segment of the population, who religiously take in the crapaganda shown on nightly news.

    Leftist dingbats in Congress are seemingly throwing themselves across the tracks to support Vaporcare. However, they’re not stupid–they’re observing that young, angry Republicans are less politically valuable than old New Dealers and Baby Boomers with substantial 1099-Rs.

    Vaporcare is nothing more than a monster tax to keep the most expensive vote-buying scheme in history from shitting the bed. It will be “universal” inasmuch as your particular demographic likes to vote Democrat.

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