UN rape camps in Haiti

It’s business as usual in another UN refugee camp. This time it’s in Haiti.

Girls as young as two are falling victim to rapists who are preying on women and children left homeless by the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

Rape is rife in the sprawling tent cities that have become home for hundreds of thousands of Haitians and men are demanding sexual favours in return for food and shelter, according to a report published today.

Send the women a crate of Glocks and a few cases of 9mm in the next airplane.

I guarantee the rapes would stop.

And all you people that think guns should be illegal in the US? Guns are illegal in Haiti. Go live there if you like it so much.

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2 Responses to UN rape camps in Haiti

  1. Old NFO says:

    Concur… sigh…

  2. Kristopher says:

    Gun would just get sold, not used.

    Kids in Haiti will drop trousers for a chocolate bar. There is a reason the AIDS rate is estimated to be 40% there.

    If you even visit Haiti as an aid worker, embassy staffer, or missionary, the Red Cross does not want your blood … ever.

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