pdb knocks one out of the park

pdb, because it’s just that awesome…

But you know what? Fuck that.

We are AMERICANS goddamnit. We are the posterity of Patrick Henry, Chuck Yeager, Carlos Hathcock, George Patton, Daniel Boone, Buzz Aldrin, Chesty Puller, John McClane, Frank Fletcher, Thomas Edison and George Washington and countless other hardass shitkickers who stared down tougher opponents than Nanci Pelosi. Repealing this half-assed bullshit bill is going to be damn near impossible, but #DEITY put Americans on earth to do the impossible. Get a dozen guys to the moon and bring them back in one piece? Done. Build a car everyone can afford when the rest of the world is relying on animal power? Easy. Get a fucked-up aircraft carrier back in action in 3 days instead of 3 months, so it can win the most improbable victory of the West? You betcha. Build a horrific nuclear arsenal in order to never have to use it? Been doing that for half a century, son. Personal computers for everyone, network them all together, and then make them pocket sized? You’re welcome! Do heart surgery by going in through your goddamned leg, so we can avoid cracking your chest open? Yeah, we invented that too.

And JayG beat me to the Canadian comment too. Dammit.

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