Why "public" employees are destroying your state.

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  1. James says:

    As a “public employee” myself, I take issue with some of this.
    There are certain sectors of municipal employment that are huge wastes of time and money, but there are areas where the tax dollars actually net a reasonable return. My job, for instance, provides a couple hundred thousand people with safe drinking water.
    We don’t see but about 10-15% of the money the citizens pay, as the remainder goes to other departments (those of which may or may not be necessary) who perform jobs that do not actually take in any sort of income.

    Working for a city is not a guaranteed thing, nor is a mandatory yearly raise. There are benefits, but we can (and do) gradually lose them over time in the midst of statewide economic downfall. We can be fired.
    (well, most of us can. I think Dallas and Houston city employees are all union, so that changes the whole thing.)

    Being a local city employee is (generally) nothing like what is mentioned in the video, but he does not make that differentiation, and just groups all of us in the same basket.

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