Texas Stadium Demolished

I was never a football fan, but over the years I wound up having some interesting times in Texas Stadium. I did actually see a few games there. When I was a kid my Boy Scout troop inflated balloons before the games (while we drooled over the Cowboy’s Cheerleaders) and then carried the balloons out to the field in huge containers for the pre-game release. I’ve rappelled down the outside walls of the stadium. I’ve been to banquets in the club there and oddly enough wound up doing RF spectrum analysis for a NFL project at one of the last games the Cowboys played in the stadium. I’ve been all over that stadium from the top of the roof to the bottom under the stands at one time or another and after this morning it is no more. It’s a little weird watching it implode and remembering all those times I’ve been there over the years.

Oh well. Moving on.

UPDATE: Here is a better view.

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