Vicious Circle 46 – Sean Connery

Vicious Circle 46 – Sean Connery

alan, aepilotJim, Roadkill, Breda, Christina and Phlegmmy (With LawDog in the back ground)

A special appearance by Sean Connery.

I may actually listen to this one myself.

It’s Vicious Circle #46.

Also available in the iTunes store (For Free! What a bargain!)

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0 Responses to Vicious Circle 46 – Sean Connery

  1. I had a blast, as always. And my belleh is sore from laughing! 😉

  2. roadkill says:

    I laughed, I cried, and I possibly wet my kilt. This has got to be the finest performance of this legendary actor since Zardoz! A must listen for the whole family!

  3. BUFF_dragon says:

    GREAT episode, made my work day go MUCH better