Obama: Communist or Nazi?

True he is a Marxist, but as Powerline points out:

It is also worth noting that the bailout bill, like the health care takeover and other Obama-era legislation, is national socialist in nature. The banks remain nominally private, but will be controlled by, and gradually turned into instruments of, the national government.

And for those of you who were victims of the public school system, national socialism is fascism, or what granddad used to call, “those fucking Nazis”.

Socialism, or progressivism as we call it in America, has always been more fascist than communist in nature. In fact, in the 20s and 30s a great many progressives were supporters of fascism. Hearst, Kennedy, Lindbergh, Rockefeller, Mellon, Dulles, and Bush (among a great many others) openly supported fascism.

I’m not surprised that Obama and company are implementing socialism as fast as they can. What IS surprising is how many people still don’t think he’s a socialist. After all THEY TOLD YOU HE WAS.

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  1. Will Brown says:

    The problem (alright, this example of problem) with this particular Donkey is that none of the historical titles/epithets makes for a particularly well-fitted tale.

    BHO mostly seems to abide by American Progressive ideology, but only inconsistently applies either classical Socialist or Fascist policy. I think he is better labeled as a “Supra-Nationalist”; one who seeks to end any specific nation (that would be ours for those not paying attention) from any ability to dominate other nations. Thereby creating a diplomatic environment within which to endlessly seek alliance to attain temporary emminence on varied positions of interest; domination via mutual acclimation, if you will. Progressive ideology as it has developed over the last century and more here in the US (which is basicly Socialism sans any explicit political association) suffers the same conceptual failure as any other manifestation of that general belief structure (Marxism being international in scope, Fascism being explicitly nationalist oriented, Maoism being expressly a cult of personality); that all adherents will pursue ideological standards, even at the expense of personal advantage ( …, to each according to his needs, not desires).

    If you ever fancy a bit cage-rattling that’s also usefully instructive, try making this argument to S/F author Eric Flint* (muchly to be found at the Baen Books website and forum) and experience the tsunami of well-practiced ostentation and obfuscation in response for yourself. As displays of faith go – and that qualifer will get the ball rolling nicely – it’s not quite unsurpassed (the Roman Catholic church brooks few contenders for the All-
    World Ostentation title), but very creditable from a one-man band. Evangelicals of any other flavor of instantiation can be found feverishly taking notes in the background for their on-going education and inspiration. 🙂

    As for Our Man O, I think our best hope may come down to the coldest serving of revenge; outlive all his works and make his efforts be for naught.

    *an open and accomplished adherent of the Trotskyite blend of cant.

  2. Will Brown says:

    That would be “Tail”, of course.

  3. Old NFO says:

    Tale or tail, it’s still a good shot…

  4. TJP says:

    He was marxist going in, but all of them become converts to America’s dopey version of euro-fascism.

    In the end, mankind is basically capable of one form of government. We’re looking at it. Our central government is not remarkably different from any other first world nation on the planet, but we’re so wealthy that we can afford to bribe the central planners to go do something else for a while.

  5. B Woodman says:

    Can any comparisons be made to Obama = Mousillini, Il Duce, Italy’s WWII Fascist leader?