What do Apple and car makers have in common?

They have to change the design every year, otherwise your old iPhone (car) will still look like the new model and you’d have no reason to buy a new one.

Gizmodo has what appears to be, and likely is, the new iPhone due out this summer.

Ok, it now sports a front facing camera, but other than more storage and a faster processor what the heck can it do that my 3GS doesn’t do?

I have absolutely no interest in video conferencing on my phone and neither does anyone else. (If they did, we’d all have video phones)

I suspect this will be like the 3G two years ago. A new shape and little else.

Of course, I’d love to be wrong but I just can’t think of any hardware features that would make me buy one.

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0 Responses to What do Apple and car makers have in common?

  1. DaddyBear says:

    I may buy a new iPhone this year, but mostly it’ll be because the battery life of my 3g is starting to go, and Apple is slowly but surely withdrawing support for it. A lot of the functionality of iPhoneOS 4.0 won’t run on it. I’ll be surprised if it’s not dropped altogether this summer after the new phone is released.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Re the FF camera- howinthehell are you supposed to focus it?

  3. BUFF_dragon says:

    I’ll probably end up with one as my contract is up this year and I can upgrade….
    I got the 3G 2 years ago, resisted the 3GS by jailbreaking my 3G to get the ability to do video.
    I just hope that they add the RADIO feature that they added to the new iPods, that would definetly make me a happy camper