iPad Thieves Rip Off Part Of Man's Finger

It’s not about the iPad, it’s about the sociopaths.

A brazen theft in the Cherry Creek Mall left the victim with a permanent injury to his hand. He had just bought an iPad as a favor for a friend.

Jordan left the store with his iPad bag tied around his hand. Unreleased surveillance film shows two young men following him.

“The film shows them walking right behind me down the stairs as I was going out the store.”

A few feet from the doors to the parking garage Jordan felt a violent tugging at his arm. He looked down and saw a young man trying to grab his bag.

“He was almost sitting on the ground he was pulling so hard and it was still tied around my fingers; and it wouldn’t come off and then finally he gave it one big jerk; and that’s when he stripped the skin off my pinky and it went right down to the bone.”

Pay attention to what is around you!

“I hope you understand what you’ve done to my life and my family’s life for a simple piece of apparatus that’ll be junk in a couple of years.”

And that’s the point. THEY DON’T CARE. You are not a person to them. There is no guilt or shame and they will never understand what they did.

They are wild animals and need to be put down.

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