Vicious Circle 47 – Roll For Initiative

alan, Roadkill, Breda, aepilotJim and Weerd Beerd.

Arizona concealed carry, Jim’s new toy, RPGs, Sexy Librarians, Bitching about Obama, Skype failure and a bunch of the same old VC fare.

And a special hello to Western Australia.

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0 Responses to Vicious Circle 47 – Roll For Initiative

  1. Tarb says:

    That is so freaking AWESOME! Thank you Alan, I’ve been doing a non-stop fanboy squeeeee! all day today. Dude, I’m not a new listener though, I’ve been following VC since you started. You guys make the soundtrack of my working day, alternating music and Harblz. Yes, that’s right, I have your voices in my head! (Thankfully, you haven’t told me to kill anyone – yet). I doubt I’m the only listener in WA, hopefully you have listeners all over the world. Long live the VC Empire! Seriously, thanks again for the shout-out, it’s so cool to be acknowledged on your show. As always, keep up the good work!

  2. Chris says:

    On a related note to the snake stories. A coworker of mine routinely traps bobcats and just recently shot a mountain lion on his property. He says the meat is pink, like pork, and tastes great when simmered w/sautee’d with onions and mushrooms.