OK, so I bought an iPad

Yeah, laugh it up. I was wrong about the iPad… Sort of.

I was not happy with the iPad when it was announced and posted at least once here and bored people to death in other places complaining about it. It wasn’t what I wanted in a tablet.

It’s still not what I want in a tablet.

It’s a peripheral device, not a primary computer. There aren’t any built in USB ports or SD card slots. There isn’t any way to add storage and you’re (mostly) tied to iTunes.

So why did I buy one?

When I tried one out at an Apple store, and realized I was wrong about the iPad.

An iPad won’t replace netbooks, notebooks or desktop computers. It’s a portable (not mobile) media and gaming device and a compliment to existing devices.

It’s perfect for watching video in bed, MUCH better than a notebook. It’s a great gaming platform too and books look good on it.

I was so focused on what it wasn’t that I didn’t see what it is: A really great toy.

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0 Responses to OK, so I bought an iPad

  1. George says:

    I’ve been waiting for this post. You’re right…I thought the same thing. It’s not what I want in a tablet, but it is still a cool device.

  2. Borepatch says:

    Plants vs. Zombies.

    Yeah, baby!

  3. Eseell says:

    I think we all knew this was going to happen. And though I admit it grudgingly, I do use my iPod for gaming more than my DS. Jobs was right about that one.

    Hell yes, Plants vs. Zombies. And Bookworm.

  4. Newbius says:

    Quoth the Straw Man: “I told you it wasn’t me!”

  5. my favorite character on the Plants Vs. Zombies game is none other than the Michael Jackson zombie..,.