Fun With Lists

So, a known terrorist can be removed from the watch list but US citizens, falsely put on the list, can’t be removed.

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0 Responses to Fun With Lists

  1. Kristopher says:

    Silly alan … ya gotta have CAIR make the removal demand.

    If the removal is not for Politically Correct reasons, it isn’t going to happen. Besides, the end goal is to have all of us mouth-breathing crackers on the list, since we are just one socialist outrage from turning Robespierre on the dumbfucks in DC.

  2. Borepatch says:

    Silly Alan … if you removed someone from the list, they might go and buy a firearm or something!


  3. Old NFO says:

    Meh- Obviously he was being profiled… A big no-no with President Unicorn…