How to deal with pirates, Russian style.

“The Russians never released the young men instead they shot them point-blank range then loaded their lifeless bodies back on the boat,” he added.

If it’s true, then GOOD!

THAT is how you deal with pirates. You kill them.

You don’t negotiate, you don’t have a meeting to discuss the political ramifications.

You send men with guns to kill them all.

The US used to know how to deal with pirates. Too bad Obama seems to have never learned that lesson.

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  1. Linoge says:

    Ditto. Piracy on the high seas should never have been tolerated…. and by “tolerated” I mean “encouraged by leaving the pirates you find alive”.

    Kill them where you find them, burn and sink their boats, and start seriously considering salting their ports if their host countries lack the spine, ability, or integrity to do it themselves. Anyone who would prey on sailors on the open waters does not deserve the slightest bit of compassion.