Benelli Tactical Coach Gun

This year Benelli has a nice tactical coach gun. I REALLY need one of these…

A holo sight on the top rail, light on the bottom rail. Put a shell holder on the butt and this would make a very nice home defense gun.

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  1. Stingray says:

    Or spend a lot less on an 870 with greater capacity and a less dexterous reloading process. It is, however, Cool, which counts for a lot on something that will *almost* certainly never see use in the intended home-defense role. Also Cool: That shirt.

  2. Stingray +1 (and the shirt’s ok, I guess)

    Figures you were a ‘winger ………

  3. Linoge says:

    Wow. When Stoeger released their variant last year, I never would have thought they would have caught on.

    But, then again, it has RAILZ, so who was I kidding?

  4. Rivrdog says:

    It’s a defense shotgun, so sights are un-necessary. If anything, put a laser on it.

    Stingray, the effect of a shotgun in defense situations isn’t on YOU, it’s on whoever you point it at. The sight of TWO twelve-gauge barrels is TWICE as fearsome to your target as the one on a pump, although I have had plenty of crooks tell THIS old cop that ANY shotgun scares the shit out of them.

  5. Illeix says:

    Yes, rails are really “in” with the “tacti-cool” crowd. Evidence of this can be found in Modern Warfare 2, where a FAMAS can be seen with BUIS mounted onto a rail, which in turn is mounted on the carry handle that contains the regular iron sights anyway…

    These days, “tactical” = rails, of which there must be at least two sections thereof. Placed, at minimum, both on top of the reciever and along the foregrip. Actually mounting accessories is not required.