Eeebuntu for Uncle?

SayUncle is looking at Eeebuntu for his Eee and is asking for advice. (none of that on the Internet, right?)

I use Eeebuntu on my Eee, which I use mostly for network stuff. I have GTKterm for talking to routers, Wireshark, NCFTP, NMAP, etc. The Eee is small enough that it’s easily portable in the “field” and cheap enough that if it falls off of a rooftop (600 feet up) I won’t cry. Ubuntu is, I think, the best Linux distro now for general desktop use. (I still prefer a RedHat derivative for servers, call me old fashioned)

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3 Responses to Eeebuntu for Uncle?

  1. TJP says:

    I don’t trust anything with a GUI installer. The answer is Slackware. Always.

  2. Eseell says:

    I use Fedora 12 on my Eee and minicom for serial connections. I just like Red Hat and its variants and think Ubuntu is over-rated.

  3. CalvinsMom says:

    Do you recommend the EEE? I need to replace my piece of crap Toshiba, and they look decent on paper…

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