More lies from AT&T Wireless

AT&T is raising their early termination fee on iPhones from $175 to $325.

The iPhone is AT&T’s biggest wireless growth driver; however, the company’s contract as Apple’s sole U.S. partner is expected to end over the next year. The loss of exclusivity could enable iPhone customers–particularly those frustrated by the carrier’s network issues–to go to rivals, specifically Verizon Wireless, although high early termination fees could serve as a deterrent.

And just the other day CEO de la Vega said he wasn’t worried about customers leaving. Looks like he hoping to trap them with higher fees. I’m sure that will work.

The biggest lie though was this:

An AT&T spokesman, however, said the timing of the move wasn’t related to any device.

I guess we know where Baghdad Bob is working these days. He has a new gig as an AT&T spokesman.

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3 Responses to More lies from AT&T Wireless

  1. bluesun says:

    Used to be on AT&T, it was fine in CO, but the service sucked when I was away in MT, and really sucked for my brother in WY. We switched to Verizon and never looked back. What’s the point of having the fanciest phone if you can’t make a call on it? That’s just laaaaaame.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Well, Verizon doesn’t work worth a shit overseas, but AT&T does…. go figure…

  3. alan says:

    They all suck in their own special way. The trick is to find the one that sucks the least for you.

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