.9 millimeter!

Found this via Breda:

Schwart started with a small .22 caliber gun but now she uses a .9 millimeter. And if you think little ladies can’t handle big guns, think again.

The deadly .9 mm strikes again.

Layers and layers of fact checking.

Here’s a screen grab just in case it gets fixed.

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5 Responses to .9 millimeter!

  1. Spammy_H says:

    Yeah, I’ve heard of lots of people who think that the .22 has too much kick, so they step down to the .9 – it’s also a lot easier on the ears, and concealed carry is almost a non-issue. I’ve heard of people clipping it to their shirt pocket next to their pen, although those little .9s get lost in the washing machine a lot.

  2. Lissa says:

    Is that, like, the caliber for a blowgun?

  3. Newbius says:

    …and the Para HiCap holds .45 rounds of 45

  4. Ratus says:

    Alan, there is something smaller than a .22 RF.

    Its about 4mm

    Here is a post with a pic of it next to a .22LR


  5. Tam says:

    I just don’t expect a load of accuracy when a Journalism major is doing an article on a technical subject for the lifestyle section.

    Read any article on computers or cars or whatever and you’ll find the same. It’s hardly worth commenting on.

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