Yet another reason to move to Texas

In-N-Out Burger is coming to Texas.

Sure, it’s only one location now (and in Garland of all places. WTF?) but it’s a toehold.

Hopefully there will be many more soon.

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7 Responses to Yet another reason to move to Texas

  1. DaddyBear says:

    mmmmmmm A double double with grilled onions. This might be enough to get me to take a road trip. Now if they only had a liquor license.

  2. Yea so?? I’ve got one a 1/4 mile from me. 🙂

    However, at least now it’s safe to move to Garland.

  3. alan says:

    It’s never safe to move to Garland.

  4. DirtCrashr says:

    Animal style! Once they learn to accept CCW will it be safe for them to return to California?

  5. Tim says:

    We just got a bunch of IN-N-OUTs in Utah recently. And, really, while their burgers are decent in taste and reasonably priced I don’t see the huge appeal. Also they don’t make REAL shakes (more like soft-serve with syrup flavoring) and their fries are just OK at best.

    I would rather go to Whataburger if I were in Texas. Or if you have them, Five Guys Burgers and Frys. Five Guys (sadly) doesn’t make shakes, but their burgers and fries are too die for! Seriously.

    If there were nothing else, IN-N-OUT would be fine, but there are so many better options. Don’t even get me started on great mom-n-pop burger joints who make REAL FREAKING SHAKES. In fact all this talk of burgers is making me hungry. I think I’ll go get a juicy cheese burger from my local mom-n-pop.

  6. RobertM says:

    I am so jealous. Maybe they’ll make their way here in the next few years.

  7. Fun Bob says:

    Garland’s a hike. I’ve had In-n-Out one time on Fisherman’s Warf and was disappointing after the hype. The meat obviously hadn’t been seasoned on the grill and it was pretty bland. I’ll probably make the trip once to Garland with some coworkers. I’ll be willing to give them a few more chances if they move up here to Frisco/Plany but they to prove themselves in the burger space with all of the options we have up here – Freddy’s, Five Guys, Whataburger, Steak n Shake, Mooya, Go-Go Burger, Gazeebo Burger, Willie’s Burgers, Kenny’s Burgers, The Main Burgers, Scotty P’s, J C’s, the Grazing Cow, Burger Street, Fuddruckers, Country Burger, Village Burger bar, and others.

    Even with the competition, they’d do well in Frisco with all of the left coast transplants here.

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