Just making it up…

Via Gateway Pundit:

The socialists think they can just make up any bullshit they want. “Fake but Accurate” wasn’t just about Dan Rather, it’s the entire progressive socialist outlook. It doesn’t have to be true, accurate or even makes sense as long as it follows the narrative and promotes the agenda.

Fortunately Ayaan Hirsi Ali isn’t putting up with Travis Smiley’s bullshit.

I like her.

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2 Responses to Just making it up…

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  2. SHAWN OH says:

    WTF??!! Come on Tavis, really?….really? Even if christians are walking into post offices or high schools and killing people, are they doing it b/c they are christians? No, they aren’t. Muslim extremists are commiting acts of violence b/c they believe it is a tent of their religion to do so. They believe their religion will reward them and they belive that those who are not muslim are beneath them and worthy of death. Some guy in the Maldives just declared he isnt Muslim, well turns out the Maldvies say they are 100% muslim, so they figure, what the heck, better stone this guy to death, so we can get our 100% rating back. Christians as a whole don’t do that crap. You still get weird pseudo-judeo-
    chrstian cults pulling some weird crap, but really Tavis?

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