The AT&T iPhone data plan thing…

  • Although AT&T called it unlimited, it wasn’t. There was a 5 gig cap.
  • The overwhelming majority of iPhone users never got anywhere near that cap.
  • One of the constant complaints was the $30 iPhone data plan fee required of all iPhone users by AT&T, even if you never used any data.

Now for $15 you can get 200 megs or for $25 you can get 2 gigs.

Yes, those prices still suck but they’re cheaper than they were. If you are one of those light data users you’re saving $15 a month now. That’s $360 over the life of a two year contract.

I will complain about the $20 charge for tethering though. That is truly an outrage. If I’m paying AT&T for 2 Gigs of data then it doesn’t matter how I use it, either directly on the phone or by using another device through the iPhone.  AT&T is certainly free to charge whatever they want, just like customers are free to switch to cell carriers that don’t rip off their customers and provide good service.

Just as soon as one of those exists.

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3 Responses to The AT&T iPhone data plan thing…

  1. JohnOC says:

    > Just as soon as one of those exists.

    You’ll forgive me for not holding my breath while we wait.

  2. Borepatch says:

    I’m thinking Android next time around. Tired of lock-in, tired of not being able to sync to Linux, tired of tether nickle-and-dimed-to-death, tired of the ridiculous App Store rules.

    Apple needs to wise up, because another generation of Android features will put them seriously behind.

  3. markofafreeman says:

    I’ve always said that all software sucks, some just sucks less (and, yeah, I know I didn’t come up with that). I’m still waiting for a phone company that sucks less than the rest.

    As for devices, I’ll be looking at the next gen Androids.

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