pdb on Cumbria

pdb’s observations on the Cumbria shootings.

Go read it all, but this part is worth repeating:

We do not carry because we look for trouble, but because we cannot tell when trouble may come looking for us! You cannot make an appointment for a disaster, so it is the duty of a free man to be constantly prepared to meet Evil with disconcerting alacrity. It is not a light burden in terms of financial outlay, political liability and personal inconvenience, but a free nation cannot long survive if the citizens slough it off, as we have seen in the place formerly known as Great Britain.

I’ll add, you see the same behavior in the US where gun ownership is outlawed or so encumbered by regulation that it is effectively outlawed. People forget how to fend for themselves and how to defend themselves.

But then that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

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  1. Jay G. says:

    Not all people. Just some. Maybe even most.

    But not all. Even in the most virulently anti-liberty areas of the US there are still those of us who will fight.

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