Now THAT is my kind of protest babe! — 25 Comments

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  2. If you look closely at this picture, I think there’s an SR9 and a Gadsen flag!

  3. Sean, Yeah, “look closely” you could see “an SR9 and a Gadsen flag”, you read Playboy for its articles.

  4. Cute and clearly single. If she had anyone who loved her, they wouldn’t have let her buy a Ruger semi-auto!

  5. > OMG, I’ll be in my bunk!

    Firefly reference, for the win.

  6. Extra mag in right front pocket

    I thought she was just glad to see me…no…wait….

  7. Looks like a cell phone in front right pocket. Do I see the smallest hint of a black object on her left hip. I think she has a spare on her belt off-hand side.

  8. I thought she was just glad to see me…no…wait….

    Well that would be a massive disappointment…..

    Jason – She’s wearing a belt? I hadn’t noticed that either.

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  10. She had me at hello with the sidearm and Gadsen flag, but the Montecristo hat she is wearing clinches the deal. If she smokes #2’s I’d think I done died and gone on to heaven. Didn’t know they made womenfolk like that.

  11. That my friends, is what I call a USABLE woman! God Bless America!