Lie back and think of England…

…is the advice given by the cops these days.

Well, the police are fully engaged…dedicating themselves to stopping violence and helping the neighborhood feel safe again. They suggest that “whatever you do, comply with what the robbers want because whatever you have is not worth being shot over.”

And it couldn’t be more wrong.

You never, EVER, pay the Danegeld. You don’t give in to terrorists, you don’t pay the kidnapper’s ransom and you don’t give a mugger or rapist what he wants.

It’s wrong on an individual level and it’s wrong at an international level.

Paying them off or complying with criminal demands only ensures that there will be more. More muggings, more terrorism, more kidnappings and more crime.

“…not worth being shot over” assumes that if you comply that you won’t get shot. The reality is that if you comply you are far more likely to be injured or killed than if you resist.

Willing victims are never safe.

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3 Responses to Lie back and think of England…

  1. RobertM says:

    Heads on pikes is more effective deterrent.

  2. Bruiser says:

    My advice to my children, “Fight to your dying breath!”

    I’m retired LEO. That crap about compliance with criminals is just another statist political lie perpetrated by politicians that have become heads of law enforcement agencies. Any decent cop will yell “bullshit” at that advice.

  3. Fight with whatever means are at your disposal. It’s you or them. So fight to kill.

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