B B & Guns

Breda let the cat out of the bag (officially):

Starting one week from today…

…Bonnie and I will be available weekly for your listening pleasure.

B B & Guns is going to cover a smart, sassy mix of topics including, but not limited to, guns and politics. Along with occasionally interviewing a fascinating guest, we’ll cover the gamut – the 2nd Amendment, cats, turtles, and guinea pigs (oh my!), home brewing, shooting, book reviews, zombie preparedness, recipes (bacon and non), weird news, pop culture, hot topics – you name it and we’ll probably talk about it eventually. And since it’ll be a call-in show, we’re also hoping to talk to you.

The show debuts at 6PM EST – are you in?

Breda & Bonnie finally get their chance to talk without that annoying noise.

I can’t wait.

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  1. I have it bookmarked. I can’t wait either!

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