Canadian Police Fail

A. Josephs: Authoritarian Asshole

I guess he’ll just define assault however he wants.

I found this at Jonathan Turley:

What is most striking is that there is no report of this officer being suspended for such adolescent and unprofessional conduct. Toronto police appear to agree that bubble assault is a valid charge.

Nice police state you have there, Canada.

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3 Responses to Canadian Police Fail

  1. Patrick says:

    I don’t know about this one. He had a point about the soap getting into their eyes. They have to be there. It is their job. She didn’t and she was intentionally doing it.

  2. CDR says:

    There were a dozen ways in which he could have had her stop blowing bubbles without looking like a complete ass; and he does.

    He comes off looking like an idiot while his companion officer, the petite lady officer next to him is taking it all in stride.

    Get this dinosaur off the Toronto police force.

  3. George Smith says:

    You know … as a Canuck from the Great White North … this sample video so pisses me off. The whole point of the bubble blowing tactic is … hopefully … trigger some asshole reaction. The female cop obviously remembered the warnings given at role call; the male cop was really all caught up his “My dick is bigger than yours so I call tell you what you can’t do!” thing. It’s pretty obvious that his one foot height advantage makes him much more vulnerable to a wounding the eyeball with a soap bubble charge.

    Jeeze … how to make an entire professional look bad. I hope it becomes a standard video at Aylmer.

    I did like the smirk on the female cop’s face, though. I kinda think she had his number.


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