Well that didn’t take long.

(via Paul on FB)

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2 Responses to Kafkatrapping!

  1. bluesun says:

    I have the right to say whatever the heck I want to–the difference is that the law doesn’t favor me because I’m a 20-something white guy with brown hair and brown eyes, in the lower-upper-middle class. It’s people like that moron who fuel racism by making average white people like me to be wary when talking to black people for fear of being misunderstood. That wariness can then be misconstrued to make the black person think that I’m a racist!

    …In short, the NAACP et al can screw off.

  2. Pop N Fresh says:

    I think everyman alive today, if “proper records” had been kept, would be able to prove a slave heritage somewhere in his past. I will treat each individual with as much respect as I feel that individual has proven worthy of, and people like this man can wallow in the hate filled verbal diarrhea that they bellow (hopefully alone one day.)

    All this time I thought the civil rights movement was pushing for equal rights, I feel slighted.

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