Doing things right in Texas

Here’s another article about how Texas gets it right.

Texas’s economic growth and its success in attracting migrants defy easy explanations.

It’s not that much of a mystery. Texas still has a functional economy because we only let the state legislature meet for a few months every other year.


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7 Responses to Doing things right in Texas

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  2. mike w. says:

    Ok, I thought that quote said “attracting midgets” not “attracting migrants” at first.

    The explanation would’ve been much funnier under my reading.

  3. Dwight Brown says:


    You are aware of the typographic error in the Texas State Constitution, are you not?

    It states that the Legislature is to meet every two years for 140 days, but the actual intent of the writers was for the Legislature to meet every 140 years for two days…

  4. Countertop says:

    So true. Virginia’s meets every year, but for only a couple of months at a time.

    It’s better that way (

  5. Sean Casey says:

    We’ll be there in January to take root and swell the population by two humans and one cat! CAN”T WAIT! Sorry for yelling but if you’d lived in NJ, you’d be psyched too.

  6. Motor-T says:

    Sean Casey

    Hell Yeah! if you’re anywhere near the Houston area, let me know. I’ll introduce you to the joys of the EBR.

  7. Sean Casey says:

    Going up to DFW, sorry to say (in the case of EBR fun). I had a NJ compliant Bushmaster EBR before my dee-vorce ate it last year. Love that plinker in 5.56 but I was an 0331 in The Corps so 7.62, belt fed, she’s my first love!

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