iPhone users get more

I guess it’s all about the iPhone today.

OKCupid says iPhone users have twice as much sex as Android users.

That sounds about right.

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9 Responses to iPhone users get more

  1. TJP says:

    I call BS. Hookers are cheaper than an iPhone and a service contract.

  2. bgeek says:

    Too bad it’s sex/experimenting with men. Good thing I still have a samsung A900 flip phone.

  3. Lokidude says:

    Alan, that’s not at all what it says. It’s only counting the number of partners, not actual amount of sex had.

    Translation: more iPhone users are easy. (Actually, I’d wager that no small part of it is due to demographic appeal, i.e., the iPhone is incredibly popular on college campuses, particularly amongst the fraternity/sorority types.)

  4. alan says:

    You’re just jealous. 😀

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  6. fast richard says:

    So, iPhone owners are sluts?

  7. Gudis says:

    That’s because iPhone users spend so much time getting fucked by Apple, like in your previous post for instance…

  8. Ben C says:

    Gudis wins the internets

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