US Border too Dangerous to Patrol

Via Gateway Pundit

Sheriff Larry Dever of Cochise County, Arizona told reporters this week that border patrol officials are pulling their men away from the border because it’s too dangerous.

The Federal Government has refused to fulfill it’s Constitutional duty to secure the borders for decades. Now, instead of securing the borders the claim is that they are too dangerous to secure.

Total and complete fail.

The Republicans and Democrats both are guilty here but Obama is in the hot seat now. It’s up to him to carry out one of the few actions mandated by the US Constitution.

The way the southern border is heating up, I’m not sure we can wait another two years to do something about it.

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3 Responses to US Border too Dangerous to Patrol

  1. Janelle B. says:

    Border security is becoming Obama’s Iranian Embassy.

  2. IZinterrogator says:

    As a resident of Cochise County, I find it deplorable that I can drive from Douglas near where that rancher was murdered all the way to Los Angeles without ever going through a Border Patrol checkpoint just by knowing where to take a left onto an alternate route. If I took the regular route, I’d go through one checkpoint north of where I live (shouldn’t that be south?) where I’d be asked if I was a citizen, but not required to show ID.

  3. Mark Alger says:

    When do we get to have a vote of no confidence?


    TW: PPFH — my reaction to most news about government these days.

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