Customer Service Fail

ZerCool experienced customer service fail at Cabela’s in MN.

I think it’s important that people speak up about bad service. Hopefully Cabela’s in East Grand Forks, MN will get the message.

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2 Responses to Customer Service Fail

  1. ZerCool says:

    First – thanks for the link!

    Second – I’m going to be back in that area next week, and may take the moment to stop in and speak to a manager. I don’t expect it’ll change anything, but it can’t hurt.

  2. Lance R. Peak says:

    I work in the oilfield and just trained a 20 year old to be my night hand on site. He is a very mature 20 year old and had some money saved up even before he came to work with me.

    After talking with me over three months, he decided to go ahead and buy an AR-15. I had told him shop the big stores to see more merchandise, but always try to buy local if possible. (personal preference there, I like giving my 2A money to those who need it more which is another of my opinions)

    He went to the Cabela’s in Rapid City and well, they treated him pretty much like ZerCool got treated. They ignored him first, then talked down to him and tried to sell him only the cheapest model of everything, and didn’t even want to show him higher end models. He said they appeared to have the opinion of “Well you’re not 50, fat, and balding so you must only have at most $500 to spend.” From other things he told me it sounded like they patronized him as much as the stereotypical “good ole’ boy dealing with a female wanting to buy a gun.”

    Couple that with the way I myself was treated in the Billings, MT Cabela’s when I knew more about the item the counter guy did and yea, it’s nice to walk around and look at all the toys, but I’m not going to be buying much if anything at any Cabela’s from now on.

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