Lies build up over time. Sooner or later they unravel.

Obama’s official father was born in 1936. In what capacity did a young child serve in WWII?

So which is the lie? One of them has to be.

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4 Responses to Lies.

  1. Link P says:

    I am somewhat younger than the usurper-in-chief, and my father, who was born 11 years senior to his, did serve in WWII, and this claim is beyond disgraceful. It is an insult to everyone who served or had family that served in that, the last legal American war.

    If this and many other claims, such as his natural born citizenship, and his campaigning in all 57 states are true, perhaps the anointed one should STFU for one moment, and let his records do the talking. I know he can’t, because just as there never have been 57 states, so too are his claims false of his father’s WWII service, and those of his natural born citizenship status.

    That may make me a “birther” and a heretic to some left wing fanatics, but to abyyone else, it should make me nothing more nothing more than literate.

  2. Jay G. says:

    Alan, just FYI the official Øbama apologist line is that he misspoke and it was his grandfather in WWII.

    Which, of course, begs the question: What kind of coverage would this received had it been Bush who had made such a gaffe (leaving aside that Bush’s father really *did* serve in WWII…) If Øbama is so all-fired smart and all, this sure doesn’t show it.

    Which is it, Øbama supporters? Is the Teleprompter Jesus a liar, or just an idiot who can’t tell his father from his grandfather?

  3. maddmedic says:

    Like he misspoke about the 57 states?

  4. xyankeeworkshop says:

    …or how he simply misspoke about “my muslim faith”.

    Good thing George Stephanopoulis was there to correct him, eh?

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