432 Matchstick Ships

Master modeler Phil Warren has been building match stick ships for 62 years.

Every one is made from just wooden match sticks and the wooden boxes they come in.


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One Response to 432 Matchstick Ships

  1. Tam says:

    There’s something awe-inspiring that happens at the intersection of “Neato!” and “Get A Life!”

    Like the guy that built the 1:72 replica of the USS Enterprise (CVN-65, not NCC-1701), accurate to the smallest detail, down to researching which squadrons and a/c were aboard on a given day in the mid ’80s…

    The thing takes up an entire room of his house, which has its own separate HVAC system to keep it at the optimum temperature and humidity.

    As you view it, your mind wants to shout “WOW!” and “Seek help. Now.” at the same time…

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