Obama is a prick.

Gonna ban me too?

He’s gonna hate being an ex-president. Thin skinned asshole.

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16 Responses to Obama is a prick.

  1. Andy says:

    The kid just said what we were all thinking.

  2. Scott McCray says:

    I’ve been banned a whole bunch of times this month alone…

  3. Phssthpok says:

    PR fail.

    Actions speak louder than words, so I guess we all can judge for ourselves what Obama thinks about the freedom of speech.

    Seriously…do these people even THINK about how what they do will be perceived?

  4. Thin skinned? I’d say transluscent. Is there something beyond that? If there is, then that’s BO for ya.

  5. AC says:

    Nah he’ll just raise your taxes to 120%.

  6. Weer'd Beard says:

    This reminds me much of the Brady Bunch board member banning me from her blog for calling her a “Liar”.

    The truth often hurts the worst! Also how Ironic is it that Obama pulled this Prick-move for being called a “Prick”. That’s like punching your spouse because she called you a “Wife Beater”

  7. Lissa says:

    Oh God . . . I hadn’t even THOUGHT of him as an ex-president. He’s gonna put Jimmy Carter to shame. Every single foreign policy battle, every single cold OR hot conflict worldwide . . . Holy hell.

  8. Andy says:

    Ughh! That is not a pleasant thought. He will be one bitchy ex-POTUS, won’t he?

  9. Antidote says:

    Must have touched a nerve?! lol…Then again, communist dictators tend not to look favourably on dissent! Just shut up, keep your head down and don’t say anything!

  10. Lissa says:

    Alan, the more I think about it, the more I respectfully disagree. I think he’s gonna *LOVE* being ex-president. He’ll still have his Secret Service entourage to keep people from interrupting his waffles, he still gets a bully pulpit, but he no longer is supposed to DO anything. He gives up all responsibility, is free to gripe constantly and insist that he “would have done it better,” and never gets blamed for anything.

    Doesn’t that sound right up his alley?

  11. maddmedic says:

    pRick for a pResident does not cover it!

    But I heard this was a family oriented site so …….

    I’ll refrain..From saying what I really think he is.

    Wonder when they’ll come for me???

  12. Scott says:

    Seriously, folks? Obama most likely never even heard about this until it was in the news – and probably still hasn’t! The Secret Service/FBI (in this case) handles this sort of thing all the time without the big guy ever knowing.
    That said, yes, the FBI definitely WAY over-reacted! There should have been NO reaction.

  13. TJP says:

    Boy, that’s like a golden goose of political capital. Just off the top of my head:

    * We know for sure the kid’s on the list–how and where do they collect the remaining information to distinguish him from someone else with the same name?

    * An direct example of what type of superficial, irrelevant nonsense qualifies someone for The List

    * Is there some sort of severity scale, or is this kid as considered as dangerous as Ali KABOOM?

    * At what expense is a list full of rubbish entries maintained?

  14. IZinterrogator says:

    BHO’s going to really hate life when he loses his ten years of Secret Service protection after leaving office.

  15. Kristopher says:

    The FBI and the SS take their cues about how to react from the sitting President.

    Bush reacted to anarchists in Portland egging his limo by waving and laughing at them. Obama reacts to possible tea party dissent by having the SS point weapons at the crowd while they pass, and by running stories about the SUV with the mini-gun that follows them.

    Whether or not this was done at his order, Obama is responsible for the action.

    And I bet he DID personally order the FBI to do something about this punk.

  16. succinctly put, my dear. If that bothered him, he’s going to be in a personal hell during the term of his EX-presidency, what with all that idle time with nothing to do but scour the internet for hurtful things people have said– true or not. I think we see now the comparitive mettle and backbone of W, who endured worse from the very White House Presss Corps and bore it manfully.

    Uh, doesn’t BO have more important things to be thinking about than some spare white guy overseas saying hurty things about him? On the other hand, if he was derailed from screwing with our Constitution for even a moment by this, I’d say we all owe Luke Angel a beer.

    Man up, Nancy.

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