A damn good question.

Have we given up too much freedom for the illusion of security?

I say yes.

Just like we accept 40 thousand some odd deaths a year for the freedom of the automobile we’re going to have to accept a few thousand deaths from terrorists for freedom from government busybodies.

There is NO amount of faux security that will stop the next attack. In the mean time the little despots in the government are having their way with us.

Time for it to stop.

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4 Responses to A damn good question.

  1. RobertM says:

    Agreed. The fact is we have traded something for nothing, and that is never a wise move, especially when the something is your very freedom and way of life.

  2. Bruiser says:

    The politicians are in charge. Because of the herd mentality (and stupidity) of the U.S. pop culture, the pols know they can use the succession of “crisis” after “crisis” to progress toward their collective goal of total power and control. Their efforts to “protect the public” are therefore just ruses to fool the herd while behind the scenes they are actually protecting their positions and agenda. Only when they are personally, and/or collectively, threatened will they take real action. Elections have become just a part of the side-show to keep the herd organized and orderly. My humble opinion is that nothing will change until the whole damned thing collapses, leaving those to survive sifting through the ashes looking for bread crumbs and wondering “WTF was that?”

  3. Kristopher says:

    You want to be secure against terrorism?

    Carpet-bomb the hometown of each terrorist involved in an attack.

    Make the wogs fear us again. Allowing them to buy Maxim guns was a mistake.

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