GOP: the REALLY stupid party

The GOP is showing it’s true nature these days.

They said O’Donnell couldn’t win and now they are going to make sure she doesn’t.   Meanwhile, not a word is said about Murkowsky’s write in spoiler campaign.

The Republican “leadership” would rather be in charge of the minority party than lose control to the Tea Party faction.

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One Response to GOP: the REALLY stupid party

  1. Noah Bawdy says:

    This year we’re taking back our party and our country ! Enough with the top-down GOP. You won’t tell us how to vote, we tell you ! Listening to the establishment in the GOP is what got us John F’ing McCain as the Presidential Candidate ! Enough ! You will listen to us GOP or by God we WILL start another party and you’ll be on the ash heap of history like the Whigs, the Federalist and the Democratic-Republican Parties.

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