Hold on to your hats folks, the world just changed.

Did you feel it?

The Federal Communications Commission today took steps to free up vacant airwaves between TV channels –called “white spaces” –to unleash a host of new technologies, such as “super Wi-Fi,” and myriad other diverse applications. This is the first significant block of spectrum made available for unlicensed use in more than 20 years.

Marketing bullshit aside, this will almost double, in most areas, the amount of RF spectrum available for unlicensed wireless networks. It’s a great wavelength too. Those UHF frequencies, from 500 to 700 MHz penetrate houses better than 2.4 GHz so if you have spots in your house the WiFi just can’t cover this new band will help.

More wireless devices are coming on the market and this decision from the FCC is a good first step in accommodating the future while waiting on the past to die off.

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