Sounds a lot like the anti-gun lobbying groups, if you ask me. “How many murders will it take?” “Think of the CHILDREN.” And “enough is enough” sounds ominous enough to raise my hackles. If this one guy becomes enough of a martyr that legislation to regulate behavior on something as vast and international as the internet comes to pass, I’m going to build a giant attack robot and go on a rampage. —Silver The Evil Chao

It’s known as dancing in the blood of the victim, or never let a crisis go to waste.


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One Response to QOTD: Robots ATTACK!

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Sounds like it’s a plan to appease the LGBT wing before the mid-terms. Watch for something to pass the upcoming Lame Duck Session, along with a host of other Freedom Robbing Bills that’ll pass with the help of Last Term RINOs like Voinivich of Ohio.

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