iPad is the best-selling gadget in history

Says InformationWeek.

With an estimated 8.5 million units sold to date, Apple’s iPad is now the best-selling tech gadget in history, according to a financial analyst who tracks sales of the device.

Colin McGranahan, of Bernstein Research, called the iPad “a runaway success of unprecedented proportion” in a research note to investors this week.

The iPad smashed industry records earlier this year when it sold 3 million units in its first 80 days on the market. Third quarter sales were in the range of 4.5 million units, and overall it’s estimated that Apple has shipped about 8.5 million iPads to date worldwide.

I didn’t think much of them at first but after using one for a while it has completely replaced my notebook for portable computing. It’s not perfect and the list of things I’d change is long but it does all the things I need from a portable computer with a longer battery life and more portability and convenience.

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3 Responses to iPad is the best-selling gadget in history

  1. TJP says:

    This is a sure sign that civilization has come to an end.

    p.s. No offense intended Alan.

  2. Tam says:

    How do you like the virtual keyboard for typing?

    It obviously wouldn’t be my first choice to write the great American novel, but how is it for, say, a three or four paragraph blog post?

  3. alan says:

    In landscape mode it’s surprisingly usable. I have no problems at all with a blog post or a quick email. I was planning on getting a small bluetooth keyboard but by the time I got around to it I realized I was comfortable enough typing on the iPad that I didn’t need another one.

    Of course I’m not gonna write a Keven Baker or LabRat style post on it…

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