Denial is a bitch

In other news, Democrats are still delusional.

At this point does anyone have any doubt that the GOP will take control of the House Of Representatives?

Polling from the New York Times says Republicans only have a 73% chance.

I’d say the Times is in deep, deep denial.

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2 Responses to Denial is a bitch

  1. styrgwillidar says:

    Sorry, having followed the Franken “election” in Minnesota, I think every close election will be contested with votes for the democrats “found” in sufficient quantities to similarly “elect” liberals.

    Note that over half of the states have delayed sending absentee ballots out in time for the overseas military to vote. The DOJ has also refused to ensure states comply with the “motor voter” law requirement to purge the dead/moved/fraudulent from the registered voters.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Don’t think they’re delusional. This is just part of the Propaganda from the Ministry of Disinformation to calm the Base and encourage them to vote, as if they could stop an avalanche by whistling at it. However, it’s the VOTE COUNTING that I’m worried about. Then the after Election Court cases, when the MSM will be so focused on whether the Congresscritter from Iowa received 51.3% of the vote vs 51.2% of the vote, all the while ignoring the Lame Duck Session passing Bill after Bill after Bill…..

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