More terrorists the TSA didn’t stop!

Bombs from Yemen designed to blow up planes, maybe.

There sure is a lot of “we don’t know” with this one.

One thing I do know. The TSA didn’t stop it.

TSA: Failing to stop terrorists for nine years!

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2 Responses to More terrorists the TSA didn’t stop!

  1. Wally says:

    Hey, it was an intelligence sucess ! That’s what they said – it must be true

    So what if they only got lucky when someone tipped them tracking numbers ? Or if the bombs didn’t detonate? No – none of that applies. THE SYSTEM WORKED. Move along, nothing to see here.

  2. maddmedic says:

    Umm how inept are these terrorists?
    They have had some success in the past with blowing things up.
    But this is a really bad average.
    Or maybe the bombmakers were just having bad days…

    One wonders about this..

    How truthful is our Guv;mint being?

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