TSA = Fail

Just remember, for all the waiting in lines, pat downs, naked body scans, no liquids, no pocket knives, no nail clippers, take your shoes off, remove your laptop, place the contents of your pockets in the trays bullshit every single one of the millions of airline travelers has to go through every time they fly…

The TSA has not once, not ever, stopped a terrorist.

And now they’re physically molesting you, your spouse and your kids.

Violating your rights with no probable cause.

Making a daily mockery of the Constitution.

But then, that’s the point isn’t it.

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One Response to TSA = Fail

  1. Jay G. says:

    I took three long distance trips this year: FL, NC, and OH. I drove all of ’em.

    I will continue to drive as long as this kind of ineffectual BS is going on.

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