US flag not allowed at Californistan school.

US Flag not allowed at a public school?

I think I just reached JayG levels of rage on this one.

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6 Responses to US flag not allowed at Californistan school.

  1. Crotalus says:

    Well why should it be allowed there? The People’s Demokratik Republik of Kollyvornia isn’t part of the U.S. anymore. They just haven’t gotten around to seceding yet.

  2. bluesun says:

    Tell me again, at what point do we get fed up with the way things are going and start burning effigies and dragging people through the streets behind horses? Are we getting close?

  3. Ed Skinner says:

    The school’s Superintendent reversed this earlier decision. Cody is now allowed to show the flag.
    You should include this reversal in your blog — because it’s in the article you linked — and not just the inflammatory initial, and stupid, act of the ban. The Superintendent *did* “see the light”. That’s good.

  4. Wally says:

    Didn’t you know that California was stolen from the Mexicans ? No US flags allowed in disputed territory. The irony is in another 3 years, Mexico could buy it back for pennies !

  5. George Smith says:

    You know … if it had been the flag of a foreign country, I might have understood the reaction. But the flag of your own country? I guess as someone earlier said, it’s California … and the usual rules don’t apply.

    I wonder what would happen up here in the Great White North. Flying the flag on a middle school kid’s bike would probably energize the human rights crowd.

    How do these people get to be responsible for our kids?


  6. Mike w says:

    You & me both Alan. I wouldn’t be too polite if that were my kid.

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